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The programmers at Victory Design have been developing sites on Content Management Systems since the infancy of programmable database systems on the internet.

These days there are several CMS systems to choose from ranging from inexpensive systems that offer little flexibility in design or modification to expensive tools that are beyond the budget and needs of the average website. What we have achieved with our web design system is a middle ware development tool that retains ease of use with a powerful coding infrastructure which allows for advanced coding and design implementation.

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Mobi-Solar power fo people on the go AGPureGro - Easy Home Gardening

Power for People on the Go

The Mobi-Solar frame provides enough power to charge a cellphone Camera, Mini-Pad or using the Mobi-Power 3 adapter multiple frames can be linked together to give up to 8W of charging power for larger items.

Easy Home Gardening

AgPureGro is a Smart garden for the rest of us. Fresh veggies just add clean water.

Award Winning Designers

A powerful Content Management System is on one part of the the development puzzle however, the other essential for a successful website is attractive design and functional, intuitive navigation. At Victory Design our background is Graphic Design. Our Award winning graphic designers delight in creating websites that are a delight to the eyes without sacrificing ease of navigation nor search engine rankings.

SQL Queries

Our Content Mangement System is build using ColdFusion and MySQL Databases. The SQL Queries section is a resource we use for quick reference when building our website. If you are looking for examples of a basic or advanced SQL query this is the place to look.

But What if they Can't find You?

After you have built your website it needs to be found. Our sites are designed using our knowledge of how search engine view websites. We have packed our CMS with tools and instructions on how to make sure your site is designed so that search engines will rank them highly. In addition we have several other promotional websites and tools to make sure your site doesn't languish in obscurity but thrives in a very competitive milieu.

We're here to help

There are a lot ways to have a website built these days but one of the questions when considering where you have your site built and hosted is whether you will be given the support you deserve or are you left to your own devices. At Victory Design we are delight in giving great customer support, you won't be left alone.